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Setting up your business

How much does it cost to register with toco?

It is free to register with toco. You will pay a 1% transaction fee when you send someone tocos.

How do I sign up?

Business accounts can be opened using either Chrome or Firefox on a computer. Note that you can sign up for a personal toco wallet on our mobile app, but business accounts must be opened through our web app.

To sign up, follow these four simple steps:
Go to
Download the Polkadot extension for your web browser (Chrome or Firefox)
Register your business
Verify your business
Verify the individual responsible for your business’s wallet

What is the polkadot extension and why do I need it?

We use the Polkadot browser extension to authenticate all toco transactions. It allows for multi-factor authentication to ensure that all your transactions are completely secure.

What is the 12-word seed phrase in the Polkadot extension?

The 12 word seed phrase that Polkadot gives you is the key to your toco wallet. Make sure to record and store it securely, as it is required to access your account on a new device or to reset your password.

Why must I verify my business?

The Carbon Reserve is subject to Swiss financial market regulation.To comply with regulations and maintain the integrity of our payments system, all businesses must go through KYB (Know Your Business) verification.

How do I buy toco?

To buy/add toco currency to your wallet:
In the app click "Add toco"
Enter the amount of Toco that you want to buy.
Select the currency that you want to buy. It will display the associated cost in that currency given the prevailing exchange rates. Note that you can then change the amount in either Tocos or the selected Fiat currency and the other value will change accordingly.
Select the payment method. The available payment method will depend on what country you are in and what currency you are paying in. Credit card is universally accepted (note that you can also buy using Apple Pay or Google Pay). If paying in Euros you can choose to pay via direct debit from your bank account.
Follow the prompts depending on your selected payment method and add the associated payment information.
Confirm payment.
Once your request has been processed a confirmation screen will appear. Your toco balance should automatically refresh & display your new balance amount.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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