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Safety and security

Is toco safe?

Yes! The toco app requires a passcode before any transaction can be completed. This prevents others from making transactions on your device, as your passcode should be known only to you. If you have a Face ID or fingerprint-enabled device, you can use these in lieu of your passcode. As an additional security measure, if someone attempts to access your wallet from a new device, they would be required to enter your 12 secret words. As long as you keep your passcode and secret words private, you won’t have any security issues.

What are the 12 secret words?

When you create your toco wallet you are given 12 secret words. These are 12 completely random English words that you need to please save in a safe place. If you ever want to create your toco wallet on a new device or if you forget your passcode you will need to enter your 12 secret words.

Please keep in mind that you are the only person in the whole world who has these 12 secret words because you are the only person with access to your wallet. Toco does not keep a backup of these words for you.

Who has access to my information?

Toco securely encrypts all personal details, including the card and banking information you use to exchange tocos for your local currency. These details are never shared and they are not stored on our systems. Your card details are encrypted and only used in combination with your passcode, fingerprint, or Face ID when an exchange is made.

What if I forget my passcode?

You can reset your passcode by entering your 12 secret words.

How many times can I put in my passcode?

If you enter your passcode incorrectly 10 times in a row, your toco app will be locked. To unlock it, you will need to use your 12 secret words to reset your passcode. This process will be explained automatically via an email from our team when you select the option to reset your passcode.

What happens if someone gains access to my 12 secret words?

One of the benefits of toco is that you take complete control of your own finances and your wallet essentially acts as your own bank. The responsibility related to this, however, means that we cannot recover or change your 12 secret words. If someone else has access, we recommend you create a new wallet and transfer all existing toco.

Will toco ever send SMSes or emails asking me to confirm my 12 secret words for backup?

No, toco will never send you SMSes or emails asking you to confirm your 12 secret words for back up purposes.

Updated on: 09/02/2024

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