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Using Toco

How do I pay someone in tocos?

To pay in tocos:
Open your app
Click "send"
Enter the payment amount (note that you can choose where to enter this in your local currency or in tocos)
Click the QR code icon next tot he field that says "Recipient".
Scan the QR code of the person or business you are paying.
Click send

Can someone pay me in tocos?

Yes, you can receive payments in toco. Select ‘Receive toco’ to display your wallet’s QR code, which others can scan to send you tocos. If you are not in the same physical location, you can send them your wallet key.

How fast is a toco transaction?

A maximum of 6 seconds!
Unlike most payment systems that rely on the speed of connection to process transactions, toco has a set time that it takes for a payment to be uploaded, registered and verified securely.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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