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Exchanging Toco and fiat currency

How do I top up my wallet with tocos?

Here are the steps you will follow:
In the app click "Add toco"
Enter the amount of Toco that you want to buy.
Select the currency that you want to buy. It will display the associated cost in that currency given the prevailing exchange rates. Note that you can then change the amount in either Tocos or the selected Fiat currency and the other value will change accordingly.
Select the payment method. The available payment method will depend on what country you are in and what currency you are paying in. Credit card is universally accepted (note that you can also buy using Apple Pay or Google Pay). If paying in Euros you can choose to pay via direct debit from your bank account.
Follow the prompts depending on your selected payment method and add the associated payment information.
Confirm payment.

How do I exchange tocos for fiat currency?

These are the steps you will follow to switch your tocos back to your currency of choice.
Click ‘sell’.
Enter the amount in toco, you would like to sell.
Load your bank details in the toco app. Note that the name of the bank account holder will need to be the same as the name you used to register your Tocos account.
If the Carbon Reserve is buying tocos the price will be shown. If the Carbon Reserve is not buying tocos there will be a message stating that sales are not currently open.
When your sell request is successfully submitted. A “Completed” status will display on screen. Allow 24 - 72 hours for your sell request to be processed. Tocos will be held in Escrow until the transaction has been processed.
Once processed, tocos will be removed from your wallet and you will receive fiat money in your bank account.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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